Climate change: from bad to worse

The Doha climate talks had become big challenge for conscience of world powers which are mostly responsible for climate disaster: how  to cut carbon emissions and provide  more assistance to poor countries which are badly affected from climate change.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon blamed rich countries for global warming and climate change. Unfortunately due to  the selfishness of big powers the world community has failed to provide any desired results about climate change and global warming and things are going from bad to worse.
Now the world is seeing worse hurricanes, typhoons and flooding of modern history which are making things more miserable for ordinary people and no one is safe.
At a time when the world economy is passing through a critical stage and employment is rising the recent destruction caused by global warming is adding to the problem.
The damages done by Hurricane Sandy in the US cost billions of dollars alone. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the Philippines after worst flooding caused by Typhoon Bopha. Russia and Australia have also seen worst flooding in their history. Bangladesh and Myanmar were also hit by worst flooding. All this should be an eye-opener.
Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah,