A man walks with his camel across the Liwa desert

A man walks with his camel across the Liwa desert, some 250 kilometers west of the Gulf emirate of Abu Dhabi, during the Liwa 2017 Moreeb Dune Festival.

Bedouins in the "Sinai is Safe"

A hiker climbs a rocky area at the Closed Canyon in South Sinai, Egypt. Bedouins in the “Sinai is Safe” group guided more than 100 hikers over a 15 mile (25 km) trek over the trails of the White Canyon and the Closed Canyon. The NGO aims to challenge mainstream perceptions of the area by encouraging Nile Valley residents to explore the untamed wilderness with the Bedouin tribes.

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is the nations legislative, financial administrative, diplomatic and commercial center. It is the location for foreign embassies, universities, banks and corporate headquarters. It is the capital of the nation.
Riyadh is a particularly youthful city, with half the population under 20 years of age.
The land around it, however, is old.
In a region where tradition, modernity and globalization converge, Riyadh is the focal point of the Middle East’s largest economy. Riyadh is an international business hub where you can experience contrasting lifestyles in a traditional Islamic environment.
Its vibrant globalized environment features: World Class buildings, shopping, restaurants, historical and cultural sites, nature reserves and all the elements of an old Arab city.
Visually the countryside is dominated by the central Najd plateau. The majority of settlements run along the line of the magnificent Twaiq Escarpment with the sites of cities originally determined by the availability of water.
To the north and east of the province is the sandier landscape of the Ad Dahna. To the west is the higher land and harder rocks of the Arabian shield. In the south is the great sandy desert; the Rub al-Khali. This hardy and evocative desert is the traditional homeland of the Bedouin.
Ultimately, Riyadh is a concentration of the apparent opposites of history, modernity, religion, business, desert, oasis, nature and city. These different worlds converge to live side by side in the Arab Peninsula’s most challenging and stimulating city.


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