End Palestinian crisis

The increasing miseries and killings of innocent people in Palestine are largely going unnoticed. More than 100 Palestinians have reportedly lost their lives in the last three months. Most of them were killed by Israeli soldiers, who use live ammunition against unarmed protesters. As if that was not enough, armed Israeli settlers are also targeting Palestinian youths and girls on a regular basis.
Killing of innocent Palestinians and revenge attacks are making things worse. The world community, UN and human rights bodies are doing nothing to stop the ongoing wave of violence. The reality is that peace cannot be established in the region without addressing the core issues between Palestinians and Israelis.
After the 1993 Oslo peace accord with Israel, Palestinians have got nothing but death, destruction and hardships. Despite the killing of more than 2,000 innocent people, including 600 children, and destruction of 80 percent infrastructure in Gaza, no one has been brought to justice. The US backing peace process and John Kerry visiting the Middle East looks like a farce.
The UN Security Council is divided into pro-Russian and pro-US groups, and both the groups are using veto power to provide cover to their allies and their human rights violations. Mere media statements and cosmetic steps can’t bring peace in the region. 
All previous peace processes brokered by the US and other powers have failed to yield any results. Despite serious concerns of the world community and the UN, Israeli illegal constructions are coming up in Palestinian territory. The long siege of Gaza and cutting off of basic facilities are disturbing. Thousands of Palestinians are still living without electricity and medical facilities.

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