10 Poorest Countries of the World


10. Eritrea

Despite the abundant presence of uranium, the country stands as one of the lowliest and deprive state of the world where population rate is increasing annually.

9. Togo

Togo was a part of France during the days when France was newly developed and independent state. French is the official language of this country. As long as it was part of France, it remained stable but soon after segregation from the later one, it became poorest and deprived country of the Africa.

8. Central African Republic

The corrupt leaders and politicians of this state have made this country a dropped state where social and economic situation is falling day by day. Since the origin of this nation as independent state, it was trapped by a large amount of loan from the international monetary funds and year after year, the loan was recovered until the miserable situation aroused.

7. Sierra Leone

Being the largest exporters in the African territory, but yet it stands to be the world’s top poorest country where living is hard enough. The total area covered by this country is 72,459 square kilometers and he west boundary is lined with the west African countries.

6. Niger

Niger is at this position in Top Ten Poorest Countries with the GDP per capita of $ 733. It is located in the West Africa and covers the land area of almost 1,270,000. Niamey is the capital of this country and it is the Islamic country.

5. Somalia

It is the last breath generation where hope and misery is residing in the hearts of poor people. Most of the journalist and intellectual refer it as failed state of the world because of insufficient income and resources. Side by side, currency breakdown and shortage of food and water supply render this state as hard place to survive.

4. Liberia

Liberia stands as the dirtiest country with an employment rate of more than 80% in the country. Most of the people are illiterate and possess very bad conditions at their home side. There is maximum poverty rate in the countries residing in the west Africa while Liberia lies at the extreme west corner of the map where per capita income is too short to support the families.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo

The republic of Congo is most notorious in terms of AIDS, genital diseases, poor economic conditions and bad gross domestic production. This country is the most populous country of the African subcontinent where sexual intercourse is massively practiced.People think that by doing such kind of things can get help them in getting rid of AIDS.

2. Burundi

Burundi is the second poorest nation on this planet which is notorious for plaques and epidemics. This country has suffered a lot of tropical and subtropical disease and thus these conditions resulted in stunted growth of people and made this nation an empty vessel. The per capita income falls around about 493 dollars.

1. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is the poorest country on this planet and yet trying to survive with inflation rate of 14.9 %. There are many blessings that God has gifted to this country including gold, asbestos, coal, nickel and cobalt but these are not sufficient to compensate the loss of food, water and electricity. People are hungry and too weak to work. Economic and social drawbacks are also abundant and rest of the deficiency is fulfilled by 395 dollar per capita income.


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