From bad to worse in Syria

August 14, 2006 Iran manufactured anti-tank mi...


According to reports thousands of Syrian troops backed by Hezbollah fighters have launched a new offensive in the strategic and important city of Al Quasayr, which is situated near the border of Lebanon.

Due to heavy bombardment and continuous missile fire 50 people lost their lives, and a large part of the population are besieged. Food and medicine are running out and there is nowhere to go.

Things are going from bad to worse in Syria; 80,000 people have died and about 1.5 million people have been displaced.

Unfortunately in the Syrian conflict, the world’s response is very shameful and the powers that be are blinded: A recent UNO General Council meeting on Syrian conflict failed to bring any change in Syria.

Instead of trying to improve recent bloodshed Russia and Iran openly supply long range missiles and weapons to butcher Asad’s government and following the involvement of Hezbollah things are getting worse.

Sectarian division is spreading and other countries are also paying a heavy price. Only days ago, a terrorist attack and car bomb killed 46 people in Turkey.

Jordan is also facing one of the worse refugee crises and hosting 1 million refugees — equal to its own population. Lebanon is also facing sectarian division and the killing of innocent people.

Khawaja Umer Farooq



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