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Mountaineering or mountain climbing is one of the most exhilarating and daring sports that puts one’s strength and stamina into a great test. Every climber dreams of Stepping his/her foot at the top of the world’s highest mountains which seldom costs his/her life. Nevertheless, that doesn’t cease the climbers from what they are aiming, rather they move forward with more passion and alacrity.
This perilous sport demands highest degree of skills which is impossible to attain without proper training. Those who want to step into this sport, need to attend proper training from the experienced climbers. Acquiring adequate knowledge and skills is extremely important before attempting to summit any mountain, in order to avoid any danger and for better outcomes with lesser risk or else, it could result in some tragedy. This post not only provides the information on world Top 7 mountains to those who want to pursue their career as a climber but also to them who are interested in becoming acquaint with these gigantic geographic structures.

Top-7: Mountain Rank: #1
Other Names: Sagarmatha /Chomolungma
Mountain Height (meters): 8,848 m
Height (feet): 29,029 ft
Range:  Himalayas
Coordinates:  27°59′17″N 86°55′31″E
First ascent: 1953
Country: Nepal
Top-7: Mountain Rank: #2
Other Names: / Chagori / Godwin Austen
Mountain Height (m): 8,611
Height (ft): 28,251
Range:  Karakoram
Coordinates:  35°52′53″N 76°30′48″E
First ascent:  1954
Country: Pakistan
Top-7: Mountain Rank: #3
Other Names: Sewalungma
Mountain Height (m): 8,586
Height (ft): 28,169
Range:  Himalayas
Coordinates:  27°42′12″N 88°08′51″E
First ascent: 1955
Country: India/Nepal

Top-7: Mountain Rank: #4
Other Names: Luòzǐ Fēng, ho rtse
Mountain Height (m): 8,516
Height (ft): 27,940
Range:  Himalayas
Coordinates:  27°57′42″N 86°55′59″E
First ascent: 1956
Country: Nepal/Tibet
Top-7: Mountain Rank: #5
Other Names:  Makalungma, Makaru
Mountain Height (m): 8,485
Height (ft): 27,838
Range:  Himalayas
Coordinates:  27°53′23″N 87°5′20″E
First ascent: 1955
Country: Nepal/Tibet
CHO OYU                                        
Top-7: Mountain Rank: #6
Other Names: Qowowuyag, jo bo dbu yag
Mountain Height (m): 8,188
Height (ft): 26,864
Range:  Himalayas
Coordinates:  28°05′39″N 86°39′39″E
First ascent: 1954
Country: Nepal/Tibet
DHAULAGIRI I                               
Top-7: Mountain Rank: #7
Other Names: None
Mountain Height (m): 8,167
Height (ft): 26,795       
Range:  Himalayas
Coordinates:  28°41′48″N 83°29′35″E
First ascent: 1960
Country:  Nepal

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