Top 10 List of Most Longest Rivers in the World

Top 10 List of Most Longest Rivers in the World

Rivers are one of the most important body of water that are available in our planet today. Even though rivers are not as vast as seas and oceans they are also vital part of our ecosystem. Rivers provide freshwater fishes, crabs, shrimps, clams, and many other healthy foods. River also is a source of drinkable water today.

Some rivers being converted to dams are the main source of hydroelectric power. These hydroelectric power provides supplies of electricity to towns and cities. Irrigation systems are mainly form with the help of a river that supplies water to those area that needs water.

Without rivers, oceans and seas will not be healthy. We knew that water cycle is just a continuous process from the rain dropping down water to the rivers and then the rivers flow their water down to the seas and oceans, and oceans and seas salty water are evaporated to the air to once again form the rain and so on and so forth.

Rivers are also used for refreshment. Some people create a resort near rivers to earn money. With fresh water and fresh air no one can resist to go to that resort to swim and have themselves some vacation and refreshments. Here is the top 10 list of longest rivers that our world have today.

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Length in kilometers
Nile river Northeastern Africa 6, 650
Amazon river South America 6, 400
Yangtze river Asia 6, 300
Mississippi river North America 6, 275
Yenisei river Europe 5, 539
Yellow river Asia 5, 464
Ob river Europe 5, 410
Paraná river South America 4, 880
Congo river Africa 4, 700
Amur river Europe 4, 444

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