List of PBA Teams for Most Championships Won

Here are the top 10 list of PBA teams for most championships won.

Top 10 List of PBA Teams for Most Championships Won

I am also an addict fan and watcher of the number basketball league here in the Philippines, the Philippine Basketball Association or the PBA. I also stated in my previous blog that I started watching PBA on the year 1994. That game was between the Alaska and the San Miguel Berrmen. My father that time is betting for San Miguel that’s why I am also a pro-SMB team until now. San Miguel’s team name now is Petron Blaze Boosters.

I also love the team Ginebra because that’s my father’s team now. And when we are watching the PBA on television and the game is between Ginebra and Petron, I just shut my mouth because when Petron won my father will got angry. LOL!

Watching PBA is like a habit for me and my father. We also play basketball right in our backyard for exercise. By the way, as of now there are many new teams on the PBA and some other teams changed their names like the San Miguel Beermen which is now Petron Blaze Boosters, the San Mig Coffee which is formerly B-MEG which is also the Purefoods team.

Here the latest list of the PBA most top 10 teams based on championships won. Take note that some other teams are not playing anymore on the PBA in the present season (2012-2013). These teams are the following.

1. Crispa
2. Toyota
3. Great Taste
4. Shell
5. Pop Cola


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