Beautiful Places in Pakistan , Northern Areas Landscapes

 Pakistan is known for its beautiful Northern areas. These areas are called a paradise. Pakistan has some of the world’s  beautiful places in its Northern areas having , fairy meadows, turbulent rivers and snowy mountains. Here brief info of some beautiful valleys is given with a view that it would stimulate you to visit them.

Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley is among the most popular valleys in Pakistan. Its major town Karimabad has some of the beautiful and elegant peaks in world including Rakapshi, , Hunza Peak. Especially the view of Rakapshi is worth-seing in mo0n-light. An0ther attraction of Hunza is the Baltt Fort that gives an awesome ancient touch. Most of the tourists come here to see these two big atractions. Moreover Hunza provides the tourists a pleasure of treking 

Gilgit Valey
Gilgit Valey is also considered as one of the finest valey of Pakistan. It is located at an elev ofation 1454 meters. Gilgit is not only known for its beauty but also for a number of historic places that are worth visiting. Some of the atractions in Gilgit Valley include:

Buda Sculpture 
Taj Mughal (30 KMs from Gilgit twn)
Sher Qilla
Naltar Valey

For those tourists who like to play and watch Polo, Giligit is the best place to visit. A Polo tournament is held in Gilgit valley every year in the month of Novembr.
Like other Northern valleys of Pakistan, Giligit valley is also perfect of trout fishing, treking and hiking

beautiful  landscape

beautiful  landscape 1

beautiful  landscape pakistan

beautiful  landscape world


beautiful area

beautiful wallpaper

beautiful  landscape21


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