Venice Italy

Some of the many outstanding attractions worth visiting in Venice include one of the first things one sees as soon as one is out from the Santa Lucia station-The San Giogio Maggiore. This is a church that was set upon the tiny island across from Venice and it’s the dream work of architects everywhere. The structure is the creation of Andrea Palladio who built the church in 1566. It sports a classical design which includes a line of columns that separate the Austere Choir loft from the alter.

Another not to miss site is Saint Mark’s Basilica, which is the most renowned church in Venice. It’s named such because the remains of St. Mark, who is the patron saint of the city of Venice, are kept there. The church actually sits in the eastern side of St. Mark’s Square. This is the heart and soul of Venice and it’s one of the most desired photo attractions for tourists in the world.

Other attractions include:

Burano, San Rocco,

Doge’s Palace,

The Grand Canal,

Santa maria dei Miracoli,

Campo Santa Margherita,


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