Sadequain was born in 1930, descending from a family of calligraphers. In late 1940s he joined the Progressive Writers and Artists Movement. His true talent was discovered by Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy who brought Sadequain into the limelight[1] He also spent some time in Paris augmenting his skills.[2] Sadequain received much

Sadequain’s Master piecepraise for his calligraphic style, which is widely considered iconic by many critics of South Asian art.[3]. Sadequain died while still working on the mural for the ceiling of Frere Hall in Karachi. The mural was not quite complete and yet the autjhorities to their credit decided to mount it. Although not complete, yet the ceiling appears full and awesome, nothing like ever done by anyone in Pakistan.

Life in Chronology

1930 – Born in Amroha

1954 – First solo exhibition in Quetta

1955 – Mural at Jinnah Hospital, exhibitions at Frere Hall and residence of Mr. Suhrawardy

1960 – Awarded “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz” and first prize in National Exhibition

1961 – Awarded “Laureate de Paris”

1962 – President’s Medal of Honor,Mural at State Bank of Pakistan, and exhibitions in France

1963 – Visited USA, several exhibitions

1964 – Illustrated “Le Etranger”

Sadequain’s Master piece1967 – Executed mural at Mangla Dam

1968 – Executed mural at Punjab University Library

1969 – Calligraphy of “Sura-e-Rehman”

1973 – Murals in Lahore Museum

1974 – Exhibitions in Middle East and Eastern Europe

1976 – T.V. Series “Mojiza-e-fun

1977 – Illustrated Ghalib

1979 – Mural in Abu Dhabi

1981 – Tour of India, murals at Aligarh, Banaras, Hyderabad, Delhi

1985 – Illustrated Faiz Ahmad Faiz

1986 – Mural at Frere Hall

1987 – died


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