Beautiful Monuments around Panjgur City

Panjgur, Which is famous for its Date Fruit and Five Graves of Sahabas. But there are many other things which add more beauty in this hill surrounded city, Here We are going to show some very beautiful monuments built at different locations of Panjgur city and were mostly named after famous Baloch personalities.

Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti Monument on the way to Panjgur Airport

Bab-e-Baloch Monument, Gateway to Panjgur

Naseer Khan Noori Roundabout Monument near Degree College Panjgur

Tablegi Markaz Roundabout Monument

Shaheed Javid Roundabout

Khudabdan Kalat, Panjgur Fort Monument

Chakar -e- Azam roundabout Monument

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