How to create a Blog

Here’s an explanation 7 Important Point Of A Blog
1. Insist to your right, will make you wiser

However, you need to look at other things to be able to explain what you think is ‘right’ than others. Do not let anyone straighten your opinion that it is really ‘wrong’. And admit your mistakes to yourself will give you a great influence on many people. It takes courage, and may invite the reactions of others. Dare to reveal the fact is the main attraction for your readers.

2. Provide information that is not obtained by others is a positive attitude that can take the attention of your readers. Provide complete and easily understood will make others feel having your blog (such as O-om blog ^ _ ^)

3. Giving surprise

Just like giving a gift to someone you care about, then people will feel the same to you. Or the other way is to give floral images or videos, create works that will benefit the reader. Usually great blogs provide free pdf book the subscriber by email, so that fans feel special.

4. Making people laugh while reading your blog

This situation would make your blog readers are not rigid and not feel bored. Sometimes people really need, and you can act as a doctor who can solve their problems.

5. Create interesting posts

This Sub I have described in my previous article, you can simply re-read. If a teenage boy going to the beach, what makes it interesting? The reason only one, “the woman with bikini underwear”. Long copy does not guarantee the reader will feel satisfied about your explanation, just the opposite will feel bored with complicated words.

6. Should make a distinction between the writer and the reader?

It’s just a universal opinion, that most of them (the reader) to follow all about the writer’s life, constantly define and redefine yourself. And you always feel safe with identity owned. Change your blog into something that defines your self to the reader.

7. Honest and courteous is one key to success in blogging

Honestly in some ways that will make your readers feel satisfied and sometimes confuse them for giving bad comments. Polite will cover your shortcomings in interacting with readers and they will feel respected or appreciated.

One good idea is “an interesting story and got a good response from your readers.”

This story does not haunt their lives, not scary or encourage them to do evil to others. Give freedom to enter the inner soul of the reader will be getting a positive response.

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