Causes of Depression

7 For Occurrence of Depression

1. Smoke
Smoking is known to cause the risk of depression. This is because the nicotine in cigarettes can affect the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain.
2. Lack of sleep
Lack of sleep is also often considered to be the culprit of declining health of a person, one of which can lead to feelings of depression. According to a study published in 2007, found that lack of sleep can increase the risk of irritability and depression.
3. Addicted to social media
Many people in today who spend time to bersosial media. Though a number of studies have found that people who are addicted to social media, especially teenagers, have a high risk for depression.
4. Rarely eat fish
Fish is very good for health. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids are high. People (especially women) who ate fish less at risk for depression. a study published in 2004 in Finland found no association between fish consumption and lack of depression in women. But strangely, it did not occur in men.
5. Pill
Birth control pills have side effects that can lead to feelings of depression in women. But the cause is still not known for sure until today. The experts revealed that women who have a history of depression, depressive symptoms tend to be risky after taking birth control pills.
6. Surroundings
Neighborhood also affect the occurrence of depression. A study shows that people living in the city 39 percent higher risk of mood disorders than those living in rural areas. This is due to high stress levels causing psychotic disorders.
7. Thyroid Disease
The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped neck. Thyroid to produce thyroid hormone (hypothyroidisme) can cause depression. Thyroid hormone has many roles, primarily acts as a neurotransmitter and regulate serotonin levels.


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