Imran Khan Rare Pictures

Born: 25 November 1952, Lahore, Pakistan
Born Imran Khan Niazi into a proud pathan family of landowners. Best know internationally as Imran Khan also known as the Lion of Lahore, he is probably the finest cricketer to come from Pakistan. An outstanding all rounder, he became a national hero when he captained the Pakistan Cricket team to victory and brought back the World Cup in the 1991/92 Cricket World Cup which took place in Australia.
Test Debut: Pakistan v England at Birmingham,1st Test match played, 1971 season.
Last Test played: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Faisalabad, 3rd Test match, 1991/92 season.

Legend cricketer and TI Chief Imran Khan giving away the trophies among the position holder students
Imrankhan Family Photos
Imran Khan married English socialite Jemima Goldsmith, a convert to Islam, in 1995. A marriage that stood strong in the toughest of times, broke it was “difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan.
Imran Khan with the Sindh and Punjab Women Cricket Association teams at Karachi.

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