(Bal-e-Jibril-124) Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) The Mosque of Cordoba

(Bal-e-Jibril-124) Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) The Mosque of Cordoba


(Haspania Ki Sarzameen, Bil-Khasoos Qurtaba Mein Likhi Gyi)
(Written in Spain, especially Cordoba)

Silsalah-E-Roz-O-Shab, Naqsh Gar-E-Hadsaat
Silsalah-E-Roz-O-Shab, Asal-E-Hayat-O-Mamaat

The succession of day and night, is the architect of events.
The succession of day and night,  is the fountain‐head of life and death.

Silsalah-E-Roz-O-Shab, Taar-E-Hareer-E-Do Rang
Jis Se Banati Hai Zaat Apni Qaba’ay Sifat

The succession of day and night,  is a two‐tone silken twine,
With which the Divine Essence, prepares Its apparel of Attributes.

Silsalah-E-Roz-O-Shab, Saaz-E-Azal Ki Faghan
Jis Se Dikhati Hai Zaat Zair-O-Bam-E-Mumkinaat

The succession of day and night, is the reverberation of the symphony of Creation.
Through its modulations, the Infinite demonstrates the parameters of possibilities.

Tujh Ko Parakhta Hai Ye, Mujh Ko Parakhta Hai Ye
Silsalah-E-Roz-O-Shab, Sayr Fee Kainat

Now sitting in judgement on you, Now setting a value on me.
 The succession of day and night is the touchstone of the universe;

Tu Ho Agar Kam Ayaar, Main Hun Agar Kam Ayaar
Mout Hai Teri Baraat, Mout Hai Meri Baraat

But what if you are found wanting, What if I am found wanting.
Death is your ultimate destiny, Death is my ultimate destiny.

Tere Shab-O-Roz Ki Aur Haqiqat Hai Kya
Aik Zamane Ki Ro Jis Mein Na Din Hai Na Raat

What else is the reality of your days and nights,
Besides a surge in the river of time, sans day, sans night.

Aani –O-Fani Tamam Mojazaat  Haye Gunar
Kaar-E-Jahan Be-Sabaat, Kaar-E-Jahan Be-Sabaat!

Frail and evanescent, all miracles of ingenuity,
Transient, all temporal attainments; Ephemeral, all worldly accomplishments.

Awwal-O-Akhir Fana, Batin-O-Zahir Fana
Naqsh-E-Kuhan Ho Ke Nau, Manzil-E-Akhir Fana

Annihilation is the end of all beginnings; Annihilation is the end of all ends.
Extinction, the fate of everything; Hidden or manifest, old or new.

Hai Magar Iss Naqsh Mein Rang-E-Sabaat-E-Dawam
Jis Ko Kiya Ho Kisi Mard-E-Khuda Ne Tamam

Yet in this very scenario indelible is the stamp of permanence
On the deeds of the good and godly.

Mard-E-Khuda Ka Amal Ishq Se Sahib Firogh
Ishq Hai Asal-E-Hayat, Mout Hai Iss Par Haraam

Deeds of the godly radiate with Love,
The essence of life, which death is forbidden to touch.

Tund-O-Subak Sair Hai Gharcha Zamane Ki Ro
Ishq Khud Ek Sayl Hai, Sayl Ko Leta Hai Thaam

Fast and free flows the tide of time,
But Love itself is a tide that stems all tides.

Ishq Ki Taqweem Mein Asar-E-Rawan Ke Sawa
Aur Zamane Bhi Hain Jin Ka Nahin Koi Naam

In the chronicle of Love there are times other than the past, the present and the future;
Times for which no names have yet been coined.

Ishq Dam-E-Jibreel, Ishq Dam-E-Mustafa (S.A.W.).
Ishq Khuda Ka Rasool, Ishq Khuda Ka Kalaam

 Love is the breath of Gabriel. Love is the heart of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Love is the messenger of God. Love is the Word of God.

Ishq Ki Masti Se Hai Paikar-E-Gil Taabnaak
Ishq Hai  Sehba’ay Khaam, Ishq Hai Kaas-Ul-Kiraam

Love is ecstasy lends luster to earthly forms.
Love is the heady wine, Love is the grand goblet.

Ishq Faqeeh-E-Haram, Ishq Ameer Junood
Ishq Hai Ibn-Ul-Sabeel, Iss Ke Hazaron Maqam

Love is the commander of marching troops,
Love is a wayfarer with many a way‐side abode.

Ishq Ke Mizraab Se Naghma’ay Taar-E-Hayat
Ishq Se Noor-E-Hayat, Ishq Se Naar-E-Hayat

Love is the plectrum that brings Music to the string of life.
Love is the light of life, Love is the fire of life.

Ae Haram-E-Qurtuba! Ishq Se Tera Wujood
Ishq Sarapa Dawam, Jis Mein Nahin Raft-o-Bood

To Love, you owe your being, O, Harem of Cordoba,
To Love, that is eternal; Never waning, never fading.

Rang Ho Ya Khisht-o-Sang, Chang Ho Ya Harf-o-Soot
Moajaza-E-Fan Ki Hai Khoon-E-Jigar Se Namood

Just the media these pigments, bricks and stones; This harp, these words and sounds, just the media.
The miracle of art springs from the lifeblood of the artist!

Katra-E-Khoon-E-Jigar Sil Ko Banata Hai Dil
Khoon-E-Jigar Se Sada Souz-o-Suroor-o-Surood

A droplet of the lifeblood transforms a piece of dead rock into a living heart;
An impressive sound, into a song of solicitude, A refrain of rapture or a melody of mirth.

Teri Fiza Dil Faroz , Meri Nawa Sina Soz
Tujh Se Dilon Ka Huzoor, Mujh Se Dilon Ki Kushood

The aura you exude, illumines the heart. My plaint kindles the soul.
You draw the hearts to the Presence Divine, I inspire them to bloom and blossom.

Arsh-E-Muala Se Kam Sina’ay Adam Nahin
Garche Kaf-Ekhak Ki Had Hai Sipihr-E-Kubood

No less exalted than the Exalted Throne, Is the throne of the heart, the human breast!
Despite the limit of azure skies, Ordained for this handful of dust.

Pekar-E-Noori Ko Hai Sajda Meyasir To Kya
Iss Ko Meyasir Nahin Soz-O-Gudaaz-E-Sujood

Celestial beings, born of light, Do have the privilege of supplication,
But unknown to them are the verve and warmth of prostration.

Kafir-E-Hindi Hun Main, Dekh Mera Zauq-O-Shauq
Dil Mein Salat-O-Durood, Lab Pe Salat-O-Durood

An Indian infidel, perchance, am I; But look at my fervour, my ardour.
‘Blessings and peace upon the Prophet,’ sings my heart.
‘Blessings and peace upon the Prophet,’ echo my lips.

Shauq Meri Le Main Hai, Shauq Meri Ne Mein Hai
Naghma’ay ‘ALLAH HOO’ Mere Rag-E-Pe Mein Hai

My song is the song of aspiration. My lute is the serenade of longing.
Every fibre of my being Resonates with the refrains of Allah hoo!

Tera Jalal-O-Jamal, Mard-E-Khuda Ki Daleel
Woh Bhi Jaleel-O-Jameel, Tu Bhi Jaleel-O-Jameel

Your beauty, your majesty, Personify the graces of the man of faith.
You are beautiful and majestic. He too is beautiful and majestic.

Teri Bina Paidar, Tere Sutoon Be-Shumar
Sham Ke Sehra Mein Ho Jaise Hujoom-E-Nakheel

Your foundations are lasting, Your columns countless,
Like the profusion of palms In the plains of Syria.

Tere Dar-O-Baam Par Wadi-E-Ayman Ka Noor
Tera Minaar-E-Buland Jalwagah-E-Jibreel

Your arches, your terraces, shimmer with the light that once flashed in the valley of Aiman
Your soaring minaret, all aglow In the resplendence of Gabriel’s glory.

Mit Nahin Sakta Kabhi Mard-E-Musalman Ke Hai
Iss Ki Azanon Se Fash Sir-E-Kaleem(A.S.)-O-Khalil(A.S.)

The Muslim is destined to last as
his Azan holds the key to the mysteries of the perennial message of Abraham and Moses.

Iss Ki Zameen Behadood, Is Ka Ufaq Be Sooghoor
Iss Ke Samundar Ki Mouj, Dajla-O-Danyob-O-Neel

His world knows no boundaries, His horizon, no frontiers.
Tigris, Danube and Nile: Billows of his oceanic expanse.

Iss Ke Zamane Ajeeb, Iss Ke Fasane Ghareeb
Ehad-E-Kuhan Ko Diya Iss Ne Payam-E-Raheel

Fabulous, have been his times! Fascinating, the accounts of his achievements!
He it was, who bade the final adieu To the outworn order.

Saqi Arbab-E-Zauq, Faris-E-Maidan-E-Shauq
Badah Hai Iss Ka Raheeq, Taeg Hai Iss Ki Aseel

A cup‐bearer is he, With the purest wine for the connoisseur;
A cavalier in the path of Love with a sword of the finest steel.

Mard-E-Sipahi Hai Woh, Iski Zirah ‘LA ILAHA’
Saya-E-Shamsheer Mein Is Ski Panah ‘LA ILAHA’

A combatant, with ‘La Ilah’ as his coat of mail.
Under the shadow of flashing scimitars, ‘La Ilah’ is his protection.

Tujh Se Huwa Ashkara Banda-E-Momin Ka Raaz
Iss Ke Dino Ki Tapish, Is Ke Shabon Ka Gudaaz

Your edifice unravels The mystery of the faithful;
The fire of his fervent days, The bliss of his tender nights.

Iss Ka Maqam Buland, Iss Ka Khayal Azeem
Iss Ka Suroor Iss Ka Shauq, Iss Ka Niaz Iss Ka Naaz

Your grandeur calls to mind The loftiness of his station,
The sweep of his vision, His rapture, his ardour, his pride, his humility.

Hath Hai ALLAH Ka Banda-E-Momin Ka Hath
Ghalib-O-Kaar Afreen, Kaar Kusha, Kaar Saaz

The might of the man of faith is the might of the Almighty:
Dominant, creative, resourceful, consummate.

Khaki-O-Noori Nihad, Banda-E-Mola Sifat
Har Do Jahan Se Ghani Iss Ka Dil-E-Beniaz

He is terrestrial with celestial aspect; A being with the qualities of the Creator.
His contented self has no demands on this world or the other.

Uss Ki Umeedain Qaleel, Uss Ke Maqasid Jaleel
Uss Ki Ada Dil Faraib, Iss Ki Nigah Dil Nawaz

His desires are modest; his aims exalted;
His manner charming; his ways winsome.

Naram Dam-E-Guftugoo, Garam Dam-E-Justujoo
Razm Ho Ya Bazm Ho, Pak Dil-O-Pak Baz

Soft in social exposure, Tough in the line of pursuit.
But whether in fray or in social gathering,  Ever chaste at heart, ever clean in conduct.

Nukta’ay Parkar-E-Haq, Mard-E-Khuda Ka Yaqeen
Aur Ye Alam Tamam Weham-O-Tilism-O-Majaz

In the celestial order of the macrocosm, His immutable faith is the centre of the Divine Compass.
All else: illusion, sorcery, fallacy.

Aqal Ki Manzil Hai Woh, Ishq Ka Hasil Hai Woh
Halqa’ay Afaq Mein Garmi-E-Mehfil Hai Woh

He is the journey’s end for reason, He is the raison d ’etre of Love.
An inspiration in the cosmic communion.

Kaaba Arbab-E-Fan! Sitwat-E-Deen-E-Mubeen
Tujh Se Haram Martabat Andlusiyon Ki Zameen

O, Mecca of art lovers, You are the majesty of the true tenet.
You have elevated Andalusia To the eminence of the holy Harem.

Hai Teh-E-Gardoon Agar Husn Mein Teri Nazeer
Qalb-E-Musalman Mein Hai, Aur Nahin Hai Kahin

Your equal in beauty, If any under the skies,
Is the heart of the Muslim and no one else.

Aah Woh Mardan-E-Haq! Woh Arabi Shehsawar
Hamil-E-Khulq-E-Azeem, Sahib-E-Sidq-O-Yaqeen

 Ah, those men of truth, Those proud cavaliers of Arabia;
Endowed with a sublime character, Imbued with candour and conviction.

Jin Ki Hukumat Se Hai Fash Ye Ramz-E-Ghareeb
Saltanat Ahl-E-Dil Faqar Hai, Shahi Nahin

Their reign gave the world an unfamiliar concept;
That the authority of the brave and spirited lay in modesty and simplicity, rather than pomp and regality.

Jin Ki Nigahon Ne Ki Tarbiat-E-Sharq-O-Gharb
Zulmat-E-Yorap Mein Thi Jin Khird Rah Been

Their sagacity guided the East and the West.
In the dark ages of Europe, It was the light of their vision that lit up the tracks.

Jin Ke Lahoo Ki Tafail Aaj Bhi Hain Andlasi
Khush Dil-O-Garam Ikhtalaat, Sada-O-Roshan Jabeen

A tribute to their blood it is, That the Andalusians, even today,
Are effable and warm‐hearted, Ingenuous and bright of countenance.

Aaj Bhi Iss Dais Mein Aam Hai Chasm-E-Ghazaal
Aur Nigahon Ke Teer Aaj Bhi Hain Dil Nasheen

Even today in this land, Eyes like those of gazelles are a common sight.
And darts shooting out of those eyes, Even today, are on target.

Boo’ay Yaman Aaj Bhi Is Ski Hawaon Mein Hai
Rang-E-Hijaz Aaj Bhi Iss Ki Nawaon Mein Hai

Its breeze, even today, Is laden with the fragrance of Yemen.
Its music, even today, Carries strains of melodies from Hijaz.

Didah-E-Anjum Mein Hai Teri Zameen, Asman
Aah Ke Sadiyon Se Hai Teri Faza Be-Azan

Stars look upon your precincts as a piece of heaven.
But for centuries, alas! Your porticoes have not resonated With the call of the muezzin.

Kon Se Wadi Mein Hai, Kon Si Manzil Mein Hai
Ishq-E-Bala Khaiz Ka Kafla’ay Sakht Jaan!

What distant valley, what way‐side abode is holding back
That valiant caravan of rampant Love.

Dekh Chuka Almani, Shorish-E-Islah-E-Deen
Jis Ne Na Chore Kahin Naqsh-E-Kuhan Ke Nishan

Germany witnessed the upheaval of religious reforms
That left no trace of the old perspective. 

Harf-E-Galat Ban Gyi Ismat-E-Peer-E-Kunisht
Aur Huwi  Fikar Ki Kashti-E-Nazuk Rawan

Infallibility of the church sage began to ring false.
Reason, once more, unfurled its sails.

Chashme-E-Francis Bhi Dekh Chuki Inqilab
Jis Se Digargoon Huwa Magribiyon Ka Jahan

France too went through its revolution
That changed the entire orientation of Western life.

Millat-E-Roomi Nazad Kuhna Prasti Se Peer
Lazzat-E-Tajdeed Se Woh Bhi Huwi Phir Jawan

Followers of Rome, feeling antiquated worshipping the ancientry,
Also rejuvenated themselves with the relish of novelty.

Rooh-E-Musalman Mein Hai Aaj Wohi Iztarab
Raaz-E-Khudai Hai Ye, Keh Nahin Sakti Zuban

The same storm is raging today In the soul of the Muslim.
A Divine secret it is, Not for the lips to utter.

Dekhiye Iss Behar Ki Teh Se Uchalta Hai Kya
Gunbad-E-Nilofari Rang Badalta Hai Kya!

Let us see what surfaces from the depths of the deep.
Let us see what color, The blue sky changes into.

Wadi-E-Kuhsaar Mein Garaq-E-Shafaq Hai Sahab
La’al-E-Badkhashan Ke Dhair Chor Gya Aftab

Clouds in the yonder valley are drenched in roseate twilight.
The parting sun has left behind mounds and mounds of rubies, the best from Badakhshan.

Sada-O-Pursoz Hai Dukhtar-E-Dehqan Ka Geet
Kashti-E-Dil Ke Liye Sayl Hai Ehad-E-Shabab

Simple and doleful is the song of the peasant’s daughter:
Tender feelings adrift in the tide of youth.

Aab-E-Rawan-E-Kabeer ! Tere Kinare Koi
Dekh Raha Hai Kisi Aur Zamane Ka Khawab

O, the ever‐flowing waters of Guadalquivir (1,  see reference at end),
Someone on your banks is seeing a vision of some other period of time.

Alam-E-Nau Hai Abhi Parda’ay Taqdeer Mein
Meri Nigahon Mein Hai Iss Ki Sehar Behijab

Tomorrow is still in the curtain of intention,
But its dawn is flashing before my mind’s eye.

Parda Utha Doon Agar Chehra’ay Afkar Se
La Na Sake Ga Farang Meri Nawa’on Ki Taab

Were I to lift the veil from the profile of my reflections,
The West would be dazzled by its brilliance.

Jis Mein Na Ho Inqilab, Mout Hai Woh Zindagi
Rooh-E-Ummam Ki Hayat Kashmakash-E-Inqilab

Life without change is death.
The tumult and turmoil of revolution, Keep the soul of a nation alive.

Soorat-E-Shamsheer Hai Dast-E-Qaza Mein Woh Qaum
Karti Hai Jo Har Zaman Apne Amal Ka Hisaab

Keen, as a sword in the hands of Destiny
Is the nation that evaluates its actions at each step.

Naqsh Hain Sub Na-Tamam Khoon-E-Jigar Ke Begair
Naghma Hai Soda’ay Kham Khoon-E-Jigar Ke Begair

Incomplete are all creations without the lifeblood of the creator.
Soulless is the melody without the lifeblood of the maestro.

Wada-Al-Kabeer, Qurtuba Ka Mashoor Darya Jis Ke Qareeb Hi Masjid-E-Qurtaba Waqiya Hai
(1) Guadalquivir—“The well‐known river of Cordoba, near which the Mosque is located.”

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