Professor Ghafoor Ahmed

At the time when corruption and selfishness is becoming part and parcel of lives of Pakistani politicians and country political parties are losing trust in general public country is also losing honest and respectful political personalities which is very unfortunate. According to media news veteran politician and vice Amir of Jamat e Islami Pakistan Professor Ghafoor Ahmed passed away in local hospital after some days of illness. Due to his neat and clean political career Professor Ghafoor Ahmed was respected and acceptable for all political circles in Pakistan. Jamat Islami strong rival MQM Altaf high ranking delegation immediately visited his home after his tragic death. Prime Minister,  President and heads of all political parties also shown their grief and emotions after his tragic death and large number of people also attended his funeral. Professor Ghafoor Ahmed  started his political career in his early  days and later join Jamat-e-Islami. During his political career he always enjoyed high ranking positions in all political alliances with big parties . He was secretary general of PNA or Pakistan National Alliance and played a important role  in struggle against former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was also a Secretary General of IJI or Islamic Democratic Alliance. IJI later won elections against PPP of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.   Professor Ghafoor Ahmed was also a part of team who drew country 1973 constitution. 1973 constitution considered  great achievement of political parties  because it was acceptable for all factions of Pakistan political circles. Several times he was elected member of Parliament he was also appointed federal  minister during era of former General Zia. Despite enjoyed high ranking positions he spend simple life without any luxuries and every time he set great example of honesty  in politics. Ghafoor wrote several books and share his long years political experience among the nation. Professor Ghafoor neat and clean political career is worth following for present political parties of Pakistan.


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