Saudi Aid to Syria

According to recent estimates forty thousand people lost their lives and three hundred thousand have displaced in Syria after heavy shelling and bombardment of government forces in rebels controlled areas. Thousands of Syrian people are living in tents in neighboring Turkey and Jordon. Winter brings more troubles for displaced Syrians and things are going bad to worse. According to aid agencies three million affected people urgent need of food and Shelter in war affected areas. Media showing miserable pictures of innocent women and children who are paying high price for brutalities of Assad forces. Due to economic recession and silence  of big powers  world response is very slow and aid agencies find it hard to provide assistance to thousands of displaced families. Saudi government again set remarkable example of humanity according to media news Saudi Arabia pledged to donate $100 million in humanitarian aid to the Syrian people during a Friends of Syria meeting. Speaking at the opening session Saudi Foreign Minister announced 100 million dollars humanitarian aid to Syrian people. Saudi government has also setup tent city in neighboring Jordon to facilities thousands of displaced people mostly are women and children. Arab foreign ministers have also agreed during a meeting to send hundreds of millions of dollars  aid to the Palestinian Authority to rebuild infrastructure after Israelis invasion and destruction of Gaza. At the times when world is facing worst economic cries this example is worth following for other countries.


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