Mohammed Morsi

English: 2011 Egyptian protests: Friday of Dep...
English: 2011 Egyptian protests: Friday of Departure: Tahrir Square Hundreds of Thousands in Tahrir Square: Photographed By: Mona sosh License on Flickr (2011-02-07): CC-BY-2.0 Flickr tags: Egypt, Cairo, Jan25, Tahrir square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
                      In Egypt distance is widening between judiciary and new elected Muslim Brother hood government after recent decree issued by President Morsi granting himself extensive powers. According to decree president several decisions could not be challenged in any forum. Now Judicial supreme council called nationwide strike after Morse decree,  life is stand still and several cases are pending in judiciary. Recent decree of President Morsi forced Morsi opponents to called its followers to gathered at Tahrir Square and clashes are also erupted at famous Taharir square between supporters and opponents of President Morsi. After long years of dictator ship Egypt is passing through democratic period and hopes of people are very high. Only some months ago thousands of people celebrated  victory of Muslim Brother hood around the country  and atmosphere was  very peaceful. True reality is that after  victory in Egypt elections real test of Muslim Brother Hood has began. Now country is facing worse economic and political crises, unemployment rate is growing and general public expectations are very high. Brotherhood relations with country powerful military council is also not good. Only month ago Morsi removed powerful military chief Tantavi from his post. Peace situation is also going worse in Sinai area border with Israel and recent attacks killed several security personnel’s in Sinai.  Muslim brotherhood also has serious reservations on trial of officials of former Mubarak regime. Several western countries are also seeing brother hood success in negative prospective. Last several years country is also facing tension between Muslim and  Christians and several people lost their lives in last year riots. In his first speech country President said that he is President of all Egyptians and his party would also protect rights of  women and minorities. Only days ago Egyptian president played a vital role in Peace truce between Israel and Hammas whole world appreciated his efforts. Newly elected President and most of new elected members are highly educated and have capability to face economic and political challenges.  
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