Egypt Crises

     Recent allegations and media campaign of western media specially Aljazeera news channel against newly elected Morsi government in Egypt is  baseless and  rude. No one can compare present demarcated elected Egyptian government to former Mubarak regime.  Allegations are coming from official of former Mubarak regime who accused that Morsi is acting   like a dictator and Morsi is also harming judiciary and legal system. Unfortunately some sources are using famous Tahrir square for scoring political points and destabilized present government. Morsi not acted alone and purposed new constitutional amendments. Egypt parliament  elected  by public purposed and approved recent amendment in constitution. Now matter is going to  president and finally public would decide whether constitutional changes are part of constitution or not. Unemployment and public expectations are high but true reality is that no one can solve last forty years problem in just few days. Only days ago Egyptian president played a vital role in Peace truce between Israel and Hammas whole world appreciated Morsi efforts. Newly elected President and most of new elected members are highly educated and have capability to face economic and political challenges. 

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