Mobile Phone shut down in Pakistan

According to media new Pakistan government has shut down all mobile  phone net works in several cities after killing of forty people in just two days. Country is seeing worse ethnic and  sectarian violence these days. In his recent  press conference Interior minister Rehman Malik claims that militants often detonate bombs using cell phones and militants are organizing their terror activities through mobile phones. In modern world we can’t see any example when any country suspends mobile phone services net works to counter terror threats. Government also closed motor cycle service in several cities two weeks ago  but after supreme court decision government has taken back its decision. In Pakistan usually poor people are using motor cycles. Pakistan is a home of millions of mobile phone users millions of people facing difficulties after sudden shut down of mobile phone net works. In case of any terrorist activity  and emergency most of people even cant contact their love ones and feeling more miserable. Mobile phone service providers have also lost million of rupees due to sudden shutdown of their net works. True reality is that government is just doing cosmetics step to deal with terror threats and still not able to prepare any strong strategy against spreading terrorist activities in country. After suspension of mobile phone services terrorist activities are still continue and despite killing of thousands of people no one responsible is brought to justice. True reality is that most of terrorists have taken refuge in political and sectarian parties and due to political pressure Police and rangers are not able to arrest and punish wanted criminals.    

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