Karachi killings


  According to media news target killings have been intensified in Pakistan political and social hub Karachi as thirty  more innocent people shot dead in various incidents of target killings in different parts of city. According to Police sources 104 people lost their lives in different incidents of target killings in just two weeks in Karachi. Violence escalating when unknown gunman killed six students belong to religious seminary. Latest tragic events happened when army is organizing big arm show “Ideas 2012” in heart of city. In presence of Army chief , Prime Minister and Chief minister recent wave of target killing is astonishing for everyone. It seems that due to political pressure police and Para military force Rangers has failed to control worse peace situation in city. Unfortunately all appointments in Police and Para military forces are politically motivated and in several areas of city forces cant enter without approval of political parties.  In recent ruling Supreme court of Pakistan clearly stated that in presence of four thousands Target killers dream of peace can’t come true in Karachi and Sindh  province. Due to political pressure and weak legal system government has released several criminals belong to different political, ethnic and sectarian groups. Despite killing of thousands of people no one is brought to justice and total number of people killed in Karachi this year are exceeded  compare to total number of people are killed in law less tribal areas this year. Now last several years city is witnessing worse ethnic and sectarian violence of its history instead of law enforce men agencies arm groups belong to different political, ethnic  and secretion organization are controlling every corner of city. Most of people who killed in recent violence belong to poor community of city and transports, shops, houses and hotels burned down during recent riots belong to very poor community of city and after lost of their personal belonging s they don’t have anything to feed their families. Recently Interior Minister Rahamn Malik accepted that, presence of foreign weapons is  main cause of uncertainty in city. Only months ago government another minister Nabil Gabool  also revealed that Karachi has more weapons than lawless tribal areas and some parties are receiving  huge amount of money and weapons as a reward of securing NATO supply route from Karachi to Quetta. Unfortunately due to political interest present   government is seeing everything with blind eyes and doing only cosmetics steps to calm down burning situation of Pakistan political and cultural hub Karachi and things are going bad to worse every day. Until and unless government is not ready to face realities and arrest and punish all criminals without distinguishing of political affiliation and remove politically appointed security personnel’s  dream of peace can’t come true in Karachi. 

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