MQM Referendum

At the time when things are going bad to worse for normal people in Pakistan political parties are just doing cosmetics steps to scoring numbers in media politics. This is the main reason that political parties are losing trust in general public. Big gatherings of political parties and their foolish demands have become big joke these days. Despite court orders political parties have failed to implement court order to reduce CNG prices in their areas and provide relief to suffering people. Unfortunately Political parties are still busy in non issues politics now according to media news Muttheda Qumi Movement has decided to organize referendum all over the country and people would be asked in the referendum whether they wanted a Pakistan of  Mohammad Ali Jinnah or of extremist.  It is a matter of great sorrow that after independence of sixty years political parties are still not realize actually  which type of country we need. Everyone knows that this type of cosmetics steps can’t bring change in normal people lives. Instead of non issues  political parties should come to genuine issues.  Recent ruling of supreme court about peace situation in Muttaheda Qumi movement  ruling province is enough to open eyes of political parties. Supreme court  clearly stated that in presence of four thousands killers dream of peace can’t come true in Sindh  province. Total number of people killed in Muttehada Qumi Movement ruling province this years are exceeded     compare to total number of people are killed in law less tribal areas this year.    


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