Attack on Malala Yousef Zai in Sawat Pakistan


Pakistani nation is still in shock and grief after tragic incident in Sawat Pakistan. According to media news armed men dragged fourteen years girl from school bus and after identification shot her several times in chest and neck. Now she is battling for survival in Military Hospital and now government has  decided to send her abroad for further treatment. 
This  news got wide media attention not only in Pakistan but abroad also. Several US news papers including New York Times, Wall street journal published Malala Yosef Zai story on front page with  pictures of Malala. Now people of Pakistan are astonish to see the double standard of US media. Thousand of Malala like children have lost their lives in US drone attacks in same area but US media never raise any voice and publish any  picture of these US drone affected children. Now US media is using this incident for political gains which is very shameful and unfortunate. Attacking  on incent children like Malala by militants or by US Drones is heinous acts  we should  condemn both type of actions. 

Recent events in Pakistan clearly show that attack on Sawati girl Malala is a part of big conspiracy and who is benefitted from recent tragic events in Pakistan. UNO chairman Ban ki Moon pop star Madonna, US puppet Kerzai and several other top personalities who are sitting silent and never raise any voice after killing of thousands of philistines children by Israeli bombardment, long siege of Gaza and killing of  thousand of Pakistani  and Afghani children by US and NATO bombardment now shedding crocodile tears for Malala. Last ten years, record number of civilians lost their lives in Pakistan and Afghanistan but western media is sitting silent and never publish any pictures of these affected people. From start of Barak Obama tenure 456 Drone strikes hit Pakistani soil killed 2500 people Just two days ago Drone attacks on cemetery in Durra Adam Khel killed 16 people most of them were young children but media is sitting silent. everything is happening in a part of country where revenge culture is common. After Drone attack at cemetery revenge suicide attack at peace committee office killed further 22 people. Government accepted that hundred of foreign agencies are working in tribal area to get benefit from recent  unrest. Malala incident took place at the time when US is insisting Pakistan for North Waziristan operation and Pakistan army clearly denies any offensive in North Waziristan. According to media news after Sawat incident government has agreed to launch army operation in North Waziristan.
 True reality is that  last twelve years of consecutive war in Pakistan and Afghanistan proves that we can’t bring peace through Drone strikes,  Cruise Missiles and Dizzy Cutter Bombs. Despite killing of ten thousand security personnel’s  last twelve years of war provide nothing except death, destruction, suicide attacks and economic disaster in Pakistan. Government is still not able to provide assistance to thousands of people who displaced after South Waziristan operation and they are still living in camps without any necessity of lives. Even Mosque, Markets, Army installations and high security zone are not save from militants revenge attacks. In cause of any operation in North Waziristan new wave of suicide attacks would further destroy country economy and thousand of more innocent people will face consequences of government offensive. At the time when Colombia government is negotiating with Farc rebels after 60 years of bloodshed and Philippines government is negotiating with MILF to end 40 years  bloodshed how we can bring peace with use of force against own people.

According to media news Sawati girl Malala has reached Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Hospital is highly specialized in gun shoot wounds treatment and team of surgeons will decide further course of Malala treatment. Government efforts must be appreciated to facilitate Malala and send her to UK for better treatment. After historic role of government people of Pakistan hope that government would also play its role to provide better facilities to thousands of other Malala like children who are facing bad to worse these day. According to human rights organization due to government silence and weak laws child labor in Pakistan is growing at an alarming rate. Due to worse economic crises   thousands of children struggle to achieve basic necessities of life. Only month ago several infants lost their lives  in the Children’s Hospital in Larkana in front of their poor parents due to a long hours power outage and non availability of oxygen in the hospital emergency ward. Larkana is birth place of ruling PPP founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Only weeks ago several children burn to death in Karachi garment factory fire incident. According to government own statistics 90 percent of the one million workers in the carpet industry are children.
Two million children died each year from infection  spread by dirty water or the lack of toilets facilities in rural areas. Recently newspapers published picture of young women who lost her baby due to strike of junior doctors in Lahore Hospital. Strikes of Doctors has become daily routine in government hospitals and children are worse affected. Due to powerful feudal system and government lack of interest estimated 7.3 million primary school aged children in Pakistan do not attend any type of school. Thousands of schools and their staff is only available on papers politically appointed staff is getting all facilities without doing any work. Due to government silence  ghost schools and ghost teachers has become true reality in Pakistan.  Recently  Supreme Court of Pakistan  took a suo motu notice of  Jirga decision in Baluchistan province  to give away 13 minor  girls to settle tribal dispute.


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