Great example of honesty by Pakistani Taxi driver in Dubai

Unfortunately due to government lack of interest and weak laws corruption is becoming part and parcel of daily lives of Pakistani people and  due to increasing corruption country has get  permanent place in Transparency International top ten list. Unfortunately most of corruption stories are coming from government own camps and Pakistan Judiciary is still trying very hard to bring back this corruption money from Swiss Banks and other Financial Institutions. In this dark scenario of corruption  one Pakistani cab driver in Dubai set remarkable example for corrupt politicians and rest of country also. According to media news  twenty six years old Pakistani cab driver belong to very poor area of Pakistan honored by UAE police authorities after he handed over  127,300 Saudi Riyals and expensive jewelry to police . One Businessman lost his briefcase containing money and jewelry  in his cab during his trip to Dubai. City police acknowledges his honesty and gave him special certificate in small ceremony. Although this news got only few lines in back pages of some news papers  but this example is worth following and we must appreciate this type of act of honesty by ordinary people. 

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