Imperialist adventures of US

A List of Imperialistic adventures by the United States in the last 100 years

Since the fateful day in New York on September 11th 2001 the world did change for many, as since the last seven years it seems the United States has obtained an unrestricted license to invade and conquer any sovereign nation of the world, no questions asked and no one to stop them. It started from Afghanistan progressed on towards Iraq and in the recent years Iran and Pakistan continue to live a lease on life extended every few months.
In Pakistan, it seems the American forces continue to flaunt our sovereignty, running their “own war on terror” thousands of miles away from their own borders, in search of an elusive enemy which seems to only haunt their dreams. This raging war has in effect destroyed Pakistan from within, NWFP at this point in time stands on the verge of becoming a war-zone already inaccessible even to our own military simply because it has been ‘in-bed’ supporting the US Invasion tactics into the region. The accessory to crime has forced the local militia to even retaliate against Pakistan’s own law enforcing agency and army.
A commenter in another recent post recently shared an interesting list of the ‘mis-adventrues’ by the United States around the world in the last century. Its just a simple look back into history but serves a startling reminder as to where the war on terror stems from. No longer can the ‘other party be blamed’ without a careful look into ones own actions and its possible repercussion in the years to follow.

The Newtons Third Law of Physics states that “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction” can be proven true here?

Argentina – 1890 – Troops sent to Buenos Aires to protect business interests.
Chile – 1891 – Marines sent to Chile and clashed with nationalist rebels.
Haiti – 1891 – American troops suppress a revolt by Black workers on United States-claimed Navassa Island.
Hawaii – 1893 – Navy sent to Hawaii to overthrow the independent kingdom – Hawaii annexed by the United States
Nicaragua – 1894 – Troops occupied Bluefields, a city on the Caribbean Sea, for a month.
China – 1894-95 – Navy, Army, and Marines landed during the Sino-Japanese War.
Korea – 1894-96 – Troops kept in Seoul during the war.
Panama – 1895 – Army, Navy, and Marines landed in the port city of Corinto.
China – 1894-1900 – Troops occupied China during the Boxer Rebellion.
Philippines – 1898-1910 – Navy and Army troops landed after the
Philippines fell during the Spanish-American War; 600,000 Filipinos were killed.
Cuba – 1898-1902 – Troops seized Cuba in the Spanish- American War; the United States still maintains troops at Guantanamo Bay today.
Puerto Rico – 1898 – present – Troops seized Puerto Rico in the Spanish-American War and still occupy Puerto Rico today.
Nicaragua – 1898 – Marines landed at the port of San Juan del Sur.
Samoa – 1899 – Troops landed as a result over the battle for succession to the throne.
Panama – 1901-14 – Navy supported the revolution when Panama claimed independence from Colombia. American troops have occupied the Canal Zone since 1901 when construction for the canal began.
Honduras – 1903 – Marines landed to intervene during a revolution.
Dominican Rep 1903-04 – Troops landed to protect American interests during a revolution.
Korea – 1904-05 – Marines landed during the Russo-Japanese War.
Cuba – 1906-09 – Troops landed during an election.
Nicaragua – 1907 – Troops landed and a protectorate was set up.
Honduras – 1907 – Marines landed during Honduras’ war with Nicaragua.
Panama – 1908 – Marines sent in during Panama’s election.
Nicaragua – 1910 – Marines landed for a second time in Bluefields and Corinto.
Honduras – 1911 – Troops sent in to protect American interests during Honduras’ civil war.
China – 1911-41 – Navy and troops sent to China during continuous flare-ups.
Cuba – 1912 – Troops sent in to protect American interests in Havana.
Panama – 1912 – Marines landed during Panama’s election.
Honduras – 1912 – Troops sent in to protect American interests.
Nicaragua – 1912-33 – Troops occupied Nicaragua and fought guerrillas during its 20-year civil war.
Mexico – 1913 – Navy evacuated Americans during revolution.
Dominican Rep 1914 – Navy fought with rebels over Santo Domingo.
Mexico – 1914-18 – Navy and troops sent in to intervene against nationalists.
Haiti – 1914-34 – Troops occupied Haiti after a revolution and occupied Haiti for 19 years.
Dominican Rep 1916-24 – Marines occupied the Dominican Republic for eight years.
Cuba – 1917-33 – Troops landed and occupied Cuba for 16 years; Cuba became an economic protectorate.
World War I – 1917-18 – Navy and Army sent to Europe to fight the Axis powers.
Russia – 1918-22 – Navy and troops sent to eastern Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution; Army made five landings.
Honduras – 1919 – Marines sent during Honduras’ national elections.
Guatemala – 1920 – Troops occupied Guatemala for two weeks during a union strike.
Turkey – 1922 – Troops fought nationalists in Smyrna.
China – 1922-27 – Navy and Army troops deployed during a nationalist revolt.
Honduras – 1924-25 – Troops landed twice during a national election.
Panama – 1925 – Troops sent in to put down a general strike.
China – 1927-34 – Marines sent in and stationed for seven years throughout China.
El Salvador – 1932 – Naval warships deployed during the FMLN revolt under Marti.
World War II – 1941-45 – Military fought the Axis powers: Japan, Germany, and Italy.
Yugoslavia – 1946 – Navy deployed off the coast of Yugoslavia in response to the downing of an American plane.
Uruguay – 1947 – Bombers deployed as a show of military force.
Greece – 1947-49 – United States operations insured a victory for the far right in national “elections.”
Germany – 1948 – Military deployed in response to the Berlin blockade; the Berlin airlift lasts 444 days.
Philippines – 1948-54 – The CIA directed a civil war against the Filipino Huk revolt.
Puerto Rico – 1950 – Military helped crush an independence rebellion in Ponce.
Korean War – 1951-53 – Military sent in during the war.
Iran – 1953 – The CIA orchestrated the overthrow of democratically elected Mossadegh and restored the Shah to power.
Vietnam – 1954 – The United States offered weapons to the French in the battle against Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh.
Guatemala – 1954 – The CIA overthrew the democratically elected Arbenz and placed Colonel Armas in power.
Egypt – 1956 – Marines deployed to evacuate foreigners after Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.
Lebanon – 1958 – Navy supported an Army occupation of Lebanon during its civil war.
Panama – 1958 – Troops landed after Panamanians demonstrations threatened the Canal Zone.
Vietnam – 1950s-75 – Vietnam War.
Cuba – 1961 – The CIA-directed Bay of Pigs invasions failed to overthrow the Castro government.
Cuba – 1962 – The Navy quarantines Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Laos – 1962 – Military occupied Laos during its civil war against the Pathet Lao guerrillas.
Panama – 1964 – Troops sent in and Panamanians shot while protesting the United States presence in the Canal Zone.
Indonesia – 1965 – The CIA orchestrated a military coup.
Dominican Rep- 1965-66 – Troops deployed during a national election.
Guatemala – 1966-67 – Green Berets sent in.
Cambodia – 1969-75 – Military sent in after the Vietnam War expanded into Cambodia.
Oman – 1970 – Marines landed to direct a possible invasion into Iran.
Laos – 1971-75 – Americans carpet-bomb the countryside during Laos’ civil war.
Chile – 1973 – The CIA orchestrated a coup, killing President Allende who had been popularly elected. The CIA helped to establish a military regime under General Pinochet.
Cambodia – 1975 – Twenty-eight Americans killed in an effort to retrieve the crew of the Mayaquez, which had been seized.
Angola – 1976-92 – The CIA backed South African rebels fighting against Marxist Angola.
Iran – 1980 – Americans aborted a rescue attempt to liberate 52 hostages seized in the Teheran
Libya – 1981 – American fighters shoot down two Libyan fighters.
El Salvador – 1981-92 – The CIA, troops, and advisers aid in El Salvador’s war against the FMLN.
Nicaragua – 1981-90 – The CIA and NSC directed the Contra War against the Sandinistas.
Lebanon – 1982-84 – Marines occupied Beirut during Lebanon’s civil war; 241 were killed in the American barracks and Reagan “redeployed” the troops to the Mediterranean.
Honduras – 1983-89 – Troops sent in to build bases near the Honduran border.
Grenada – 1983-84 – American invasion overthrew the Maurice Bishop government.
Iran – 1984 – American fighters shot down two Iranian planes over the Persian Gulf.
Libya – 1986 – American fighters hit targets in and around the capital city of Tripoli.
Bolivia – 1986 – The Army assisted government troops on raids of cocaine areas.
Iran – 1987-88 – The United States intervened on the side of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.
Libya – 1989 – Navy shot down two more Libyan jets.
Virgin Islands – 1989 – Troops landed during unrest among Virgin Island peoples.
Philippines – 1989 – Air Force provided air cover for government during coup.
Panama – 1989-90 – 27,000 Americans landed in overthrow of President Noriega; over 2,000 Panama civilians were killed.
Liberia – 1990 – Troops entered Liberia to evacuate foreigners during civil war.
Saudi Arabia – 1990-91 – American troops sent to Saudi Arabia, which was a staging area in the war against Iraq.
Kuwait – 1991 – Troops sent into Kuwait to turn back Saddam Hussein.
Somalia – 1992-94 – Troops occupied Somalia during civil war.
Bosnia – 1993-95 – Air Force jets bombed “no-fly zone” during civil war in Yugoslavia.
Haiti – 1994-96 – American troops and Navy provided a blockade against Haiti’s military government. The CIA restored Aristide to power.
Zaire – 1996-97 – Marines sent into Rwanda Hutus’ refugee camps in the area where the Congo revolution began.
Albania – 1997 – Troops deployed during evacuation of foreigners.
Sudan – 1998 – American missiles destroyed a pharmaceutical complex where alleged nerve gas components were manufactured.
Afghanistan – 1998 – Missiles launched towards alleged Afghan terrorist training camps.
Yugoslavia – 1999 – Bombings and missile attacks carried out by the United States in conjunction with NATO in the 11 week war against Milosevic.
Iraq – 1998-2001 – Missiles launched into Baghdad and other large Iraq cities for four days. American jets enforced “no-fly zone” and continued to hit Iraqi targets since December 1998.

These **100** instances of American military intervention do not include times when the United States:
deployed military police overseas;
mobilized the National Guard;
sent Navy ships off the coast of numerous countries as a show of strength;
sent additional troops to areas where Americans were already stationed;
carried out covert actions where American forces were not under the direct rule of anAmerican command;
used small hostage rescue units;
used American pilots to fly foreign planes;
carried out military training and advisory programs which did not involve direct combat.
U. S. Government Assassination Plots

Following is a list of prominent foreign leaders whose assassination (or planning for same) the United States has been involved in since the end of Second World War. The list does not include several assassinations in various parts of the world carried out by anti-Castro Cubans employed by CIA and headquartered in the United States:
1949 – KIm Koo, Korean opposition leader
1950’s – CIA/Neo-Nazi hit list of numerous political figures in West Germany
1955 – Jose’ Antonio Remon, President of Panama
1950’s – Chou En-lai, Prime Minister of China, several attempts on his life
1951 – Kim Il Sung, Premiere of North Korea
1950’s (mid) – Claro M. Recto, Philippines opposition leader
1955 – Jawar Lal Nehru, Prime Minister of India
1959 and 1963 – Norodom Sihanouk, leader of Cambodia
1950s-70s – Jose Figueres, President of Costa Rica, two attempts on his life
1961 – Francois “Papa Doc”Duvalier, leader of Haiti
1961 – Patrice Lumumba , Prime Minister of Congo (Zaire)
1961 – Gen. Rafael Trujillo, leader of Dominican Republic
1963 – Ngo Dinh Diem, President of South Vietnam
1960s – Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, more than 15 attempts on his life
1960s – Raul Castro, high official in government of Cuba
1965 – Francisco Caamanao, Dominican Republic opposition leader
1965 – Pierre Ngendandumwe, Prime Minister of Burundi
1965-6 – Charles de Gaulle, President of France
1967 – Che Guevara, Cuban leader
1970 – Salvadore Allende, President of Chile
1970 – General Rene Schneider, Commander-in-Chief of Army, Chile
1970s and 1981 – Gen. Omar Torrijos, leader of Panama
1972 – General Manuel Noriega, Chief of Panama Intelligence
1975 – Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire
1976 – Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica
1983 – Miguel d’Escoto, Foreign Minister of Nicaragua
1984 – The nine commandantes of the Sandanista National Directorate
1980’s – Dr. Gerald Bull, Canadian Ballistics Scientist assassinated by Mossad in Belgium.
LIST B: Partial List of Muslim Leaders Assassinated or Attempted Assassinations
1950’s Sukarno, President of Indonesia
1957 Gamal Abdul Nasser, President of Egypt
1960 Brigadier General, Abdul Karim Kassem, Leader of Iraq
1980-86 Muammar Qaddafi, Leader of Libya, several plots and attempts upon his life
1982 Ayatullah Khomeini, Leader of Iran
1983 General Ahmed Dlimi, Moroccan army Commander
1985 Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadllallah, Lebanese Shiite Leader (80 people killed in that attempt)
1991 Saddam Hussein, Leader of Iraq
Reference: Blum, William, “KILLING HOPE – U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II,” Appendix III U.S. Government Assassination Plots, page 453, Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine 1995. ISBN 1-56751-052-3

LIST C: Very likely Victims

April 4, 1979 – Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Leader of Pakistan, for pursuing making of Nuclear Bomb.
August, 1988 – General Ziaul Haq, Military Leader of Pakistan.
1995 – Murtaza Bhutto, Son of ZUlfiqar Ali Bhutto, Anti-American would-be Leader – Pakistan.
March 25, 1975 – King Faisal of Saudi Arabia through his Nephew, Saudi Arabia for imposing 1973 Oil Embargo.
August 24, 1999 – Mullah Mohammad Omar, in Kandhar, Afghanistan.
LIST D: List of Known Assassination Plots
1950’s Sukarno, President of Indonesia
1957 Gamal Abdul Nasser, President
2001 Since early this year more than 40 Palestinian leaders assassinated through surrogate Israel with the help of CIA.
This is a serious charge sheet …. Newton’s Third Law in Physics states that
“For every Action, there is an equal and opposite Reaction.”


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