According to media news Yemeni forces have started new offensive against militants in Abayan province in Yemen under cover of US drones. Some twenty five thousand soldiers are participating in offensive which will continue in several days. Several thousand tribal volunteers are also taking part in offensive. Yemen is seeing worst violence and suicide attacks these days. Worst  attack in heart of Sana’a killed more than hundred soldiers just a week ago. Unfortunately Yemeni authorities are making same mistake which Pakistan made in past. Yemen has tribal culture like Pakistan where revenge culture is very strong which is main cause of suicide attacks. Ten years ago Pakistan starts same offensive against own tribesmen under cover of US drones but despite lost of seven thousands soldiers, ten thousand ordinary people and heavy losses to county economy Pakistan is still not able to control the situation and militancy is still growing in tribal area and useless and endless battle is still going on in different parts of country. US drone attacks and revenge attacks are also making things bad to worse for security forces and army is facing uphill task to control the situation.  Pakistan also formed tribal forces or lushkers to fight against militants but this strategy has failed to provide desire results. Several attacks on peace  meetings further spoiled the situation. True reality is that current situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan proves that you can’t win war against own people and can’t bring peace through use of drones and use of air power against own people. Human rights organizations in Pakistan claims that every cost of one militant death is ten innocent people through drones. Killing of ordinary people provide more opportunity to militants to hire more recruits and pursue their agenda against government. After several drone attacks and killing of ordinary people rate of suicide attacks has doubled in Yemen. Instead of taking instructions from outside Yemeni authorities should try to adopt policies according to their own interest.

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