The sun still is not shining on Pakistan US tense relations and things are going bad to worse after arrest and sentence of CIA agent DR. Shakeel Afridi who organized fake vaccination program in Pakistani city Abbotabad to help US to trace out world  most wanted man.  DR Aafridi was sentenced thirty three years by Pakistani court for treason charges. Us official have been seeking release of Afridi since Pakistani authorities arrest him after Abbotabad operation. US also cuts 33 million dollars aid to Pakistan US state department and several high ranking personalities including secretary of state Hillary Clinton pressurized Pakistan for release of Afridi  and said Pakistan has no reason to detain Afridi. People of Pakistan are astonish to see the double standard of US authorities. US never raise any voice for thousands of Pakistanis who have been disappeared after start of US led war on terror.  Most of them picked up by FBI and foreign agencies and transferred to Bagrama and Guantanamo without any legal proceedings. Sixty years old Pakistani business man Saifullah Paracha and several Pakistanis are still detain in Guantanamo from last nine years without any legal proceedings now case of missing person has become tragic chapter of Pakistan political history. Last week US drone strike on mosque killed several innocent people and despite Pakistan serious reservations drone strikes are still continue in country. According to Pakistan medical sources after fake vaccination program organized by DR. Shakeel Afridi vaccination program    is affected badly in several areas of Pakistan most of the foreign teams who organized vaccination program leave the country after serious threats. 

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