Wikkileaks founder Julian Assanj rightly said that first casualty of war is always  truth. Now after eight years of Iraq war thousands of leak documents shows horrible pictures of Iraq  war. Recent leak documents of Iraq war  also show real faces of those countries they called themselves champions of human rights. The reports reveal how torture was organized in Iraqi jails under cover of US and its allies and how ordinary civilians paid price of Iraq war. Raids, searches, roadside bombings, arrests, killing of innocent people at checkpoints everything happened with the approval of US high command.  Now British and Us media  are shedding crocodile tears after death of only single British aid worker in Afghanistan  sitting silent after killing of more than sixty six thousands Iraqi civilians. The leaked data shows  that the US has been keeping records of Iraqi deaths and injuries throughout the war. shows that 109,000 people died during Iraq war 66,000 two thirds of the total  were civilians.  They recent leak of Iraq war secret document  has also become big test for human rights organizations and conscience of modern world. The files record horrifying tales of abuse and inhuman behavior of occupied forces in Iraq one pregnant women  shot dead at checkpoints. Private security guards belong to notorious Black Water killed innocent people throughout Iraq war. Iraqi prison guards using electric drills to torture prisoners several prisoners died due to inhuman behavior in Iraqi jails.

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