According to media news more than 32 children under the age of 10 and more than 60 adults were killed in Houla a town in Homs province. Several TV channels show horrible pictures after killing of innocent women and children by regime forces. After several hours UN mission visited the area. UNO chairman Ban Ki Moon special representative to Syria Kofi Annan and permanent member of UNO security council also condemn the killing. Arab League head also said the killing in Houla is horrible crime and urging the UN Security Council to act immediately. True reality is that after recent  fail visit of UNO special envoy Kofi Annan things are going bad to worst in several Syrian cities and innocent civilian population is paying high price. After worst peace situation, several countries have already  closed their Embassies in Syria. True reality is that despite presence and  visit of UNO special envoy, Brutal army operation and killing of innocent people is still continue in several Syrian cities and due to personal interest world community is seeing everything with blind eyes. Despite killing of large number of civilians UNO security council has failed to bring any change in recent  worst  peace situation in Syria. According to UNO own estimates  five thousand  people have lost their lives in last ten months violence. Most of them killed were unarmed civilians who lost their lives when forces loyal to Asad regime attacked several cities with tanks and other heavy weapons. Unfortunately after tough stance of China and Russia UNO security council is also not able to stop bloodshed and killing of innocent people. Foreign media is still ban and due to worst bloodshed and military operation in key cities normal population find it hard to provide daily necessities of  lives to their families. Unfortunately  President Asad is making same mistakes and  underestimating events like former Libyan ruler Qaddafi. Like Qaddafi  Syrian president also accused of  foreign element and said terrorist and tough are making situation bad to worst. But  true reality is that most of resistance forces  belong to its own army. In present worst situation only departure of president Asad and free and fair elections can bring change in the region.

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