Due to continues power failures and long hours of load shedding Pakistan is witnessing large number of public protest these days. Protesters show their anger against government and torched several offices of two major parties. After worse protest across country government ordered its Finance Ministry to release emergency funds to  energy sector to solve crises. Now power crisis in the country has reached a critical stage while shortfall has reached 7500 Mega Watts now country need 17000 mega watts but generation is only 9000 megawatts. In peak summer 18 to 20 hours load shedding is making things bad to worse for normal people. IPPS claims that due to lack of money and fuel power generation is very low Government plans to print extra money and provide to IPPS highly criticized by economic analysts in country. Unfortunately government appointed minister water and power don’t have ability to prepare any positive strategy. Despite four years of rule present  government don’t have long term plans to cope worse energy crises in country. Due to continues power shortage small business and traders also facing worse crises and due to worse power failure several factories have shut their doors for workers and graph of unemployment is raising in country. Country exports and Textile sector is worse affected and businessmen are transferring their capital to other countries like Bangladesh. True reality is that an early construction of the dam is necessary for survival of Pakistan but due to political uncertainty, lack of government interest last forty years no new dam is constructed in country. Government is doing only cosmetics steps to calm down situation. Government rental power projects has failed to provide any desire result and highly criticized by supreme court of Pakistan government two days holidays plan also could not bring any change in power crises and government is still not able to find other means of energy  like coal, natural Gas, solar energy  and nuclear energy. Government has also failed to stop electricity theft even in big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad.  Despite worse energy crises and long hours of load shedding government is increasing electricity tariffs every month which further fueled people anger and due to energy crises present government is losing its popularity and credibility very rapidly. 

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