According to media news authorities in Pakistan had shut down social net working site Twitter for several hours because the  government found blasphemy material on site. Only year ago another social net working giant Face Book received same treatment in several countries. True reality is that despite their growing popularity social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter and You Tube has failed to meet social and cultural values of diffract countries. Now not only conservative but also modern and liberal societies are raising voice against attitude of these social networking giants. Only months ago in Britain, a serial killer got thirty five thousand fans on his face book page most of them were teenagers who were inspired with life style and popularity of notorious serial killer. Despite personal request of British Prime minster Gordon Brown Face Book has refused to remove page of this notorious serial killer. Only months ago death of young girl sparked country wide protest in Australia she was trapped in false friend ship on Face Book by notorious killer and lost her life in miserable circumstances. Publication of controversial material against different religions, cartoon controversy on leading social networking sides also parked worldwide protest in different countries. It is a true reality that in name of freedom of expressions and freedom of speech we can’t permit controversial and hated personalities like Salman Rushdi, Taslima Nasreen and Moli Nauras to use platform of leading social networking sides and play sentiment s of billons of people around the world. Extremist organizations around the world widely using these sides to spread their propaganda machinery and hire new recruits to peruse their hated agenda. World unity and UNO must prepare tough rules and regulations for leading social networking sides  and make  sure that  no one can use these side to spread his hated agenda around the world.

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