Recent wave of killing in Karachi is enough to open eye of concern authorities in Pakistan . 22 may remind us brutalities and lawlessness of 12 may. Gun battle between  Altaf   rival groups  took further fourteen lives in just few hours. Most of people killed were innocent women and children who caught between cross firing. Several shops, vehicles and houses also burnt down in the area  thousands of people forced to leave their homes in miserable conditions. Police and Para military force Rangers are seeing everything with blind eyes. Only last month police operation in  strong hold of criminals has failed to arrest and killed any wanted criminal in the area. After political pressure police left the area without any success and also losing several their comrades. True reality is that  whole city is still under control of arm gangs and mafia groups. Most of people who killed in recent violence belong to poor community of city and transports, shops, houses and hotels burned down during recent riots belong to very poor community of city and after lost of their personal belonging s they don’t have anything to feed their families. Recently Interior Minister Rahamn Malik accepted that, presence of foreign weapons is  main cause of uncertainty in city. Only months ago government another minister Nabil Gabool  also revealed that Karachi has more weapons than lawless tribal areas and some parties are receiving  huge amount of money and weapons as a reward of securing NATO supply route from Karachi to Quetta. Unfortunately due to political interest present   government is seeing everything with blind eyes and doing only cosmetics steps to calm down burning situation of Pakistan political and cultural hub Karachi and things are going bad to worse every day. Until and unless government is not ready to face realities and arrest and punish all criminals without distinguishing of political affiliation dream of peace can’t come true in Karachi. 

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