Afghanistan is still top  agenda in NATO meeting in Chicago. After ten years of continuous war, four hundred thirty two billion dollars war expenditures and lost of seven thousand US and NATO soldiers, NATO is still preparing exit strategy from Afghanistan. True reality is that after ten years of Afghan war NATO back Kerzai  government  is still not able to control even ten percent area in Afghanistan. Now high level security zones and government installations have become easy targets for militants. Same day when US president Barak Obama visited   Afghanistan several militants attacked inside high security Kabul green zone only few yards away from Kerzai palace and killed several people. Despite billions of dollars expenditures list of achievement is very shameful in Afghanistan. Country is still considers world poorest county of the world. Afghanistan is producing 90 percent narcotics around the world. Unfortunately during ten years of  Afghan war US and its allies are still not able to win hearts and minds of ordinary Afghan people. NATO bombardment, night time raids and civilian casualties are still continue in different parts of country. Worse incidents like US soldiers urinating corpses of dead Afghans showing dead Afghans body parts as a trophy, burning of Holy Quran outside NATO base by US soldier also making situation bad to worse for Afghan government. Water boarding, illegal detentions, keeping detainees in inhuman condition, ten years of Guantanamo and Bagram detention center has become worst chapter of  violations of human rights  in Afghanistan war history. Corrupt officials of Kerzai government who are working under US umbrella not able to bring any change in normal people lives. Civilian casualties raised twenty percent this year and Afghanistan has become worst country especially for women and children.

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