In third world countries media is paying high price to expose the truth in front of modern world. According to media news another Pakistani journalist and express TV Bauru chief was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in the southwest Baluchistan province. The dead body of a another kidnapped Pakistani journalist was discovered in Karachi last week. Local daily  reporter was kidnapped just  week ago.  At least eight journalists have died in Pakistan since the beginning of 2011 . The statistics  by  Committee to Protect Journalists   says that  42 journalists have been killed in Pakistan since 1992. According to The Committee to Protect Journalists  Pakistan is still remained dangerous country for journalist second consecutive year. Pakistan, Mexico, Iraq and Libya is still consider most dangerous country for Journalist. In countries where all political and sectarian groups have their own arm militias media is paying high price to exposing the truth.  Now due to media revolution and general public awareness every one want to present his point of view on media. Different talk show have got widely public attention and journalist have become prime target for militants, ethnic and sectarian groups. Government and militants both want to pressurize media and present their own point of view on media. Killing of another prominent journalist Saleem Shezad by country powerful agencies highly criticized by local media.   Militants groups also issued their own guidelines for media and want to use media for their propaganda purpose. Journalists are covering most dangerous assignments without any protection in areas border with Afghanistan. Pakistan government forces cant able to go inside tribal areas all news are coming through local media.

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