According to media reports officials of IPL has banned five players after match fixing allegations now BCCI will investigate allegation of match fixing in IPL. Indian parliament also condemn match fixing in IPL and demands fair investigation. Only year ago IPL founder Lilyat Modi lost his position after serious allegations of corruption. True reality is that due to commercialization, investment of black money, match fixing scandals and large corruption gentlemen’s game  cricket is passing through critical stage of its history. Despite some efforts ICC has failed to control match fixing incidents in international cricket. Cricket observers believes  that investment  of black money has increased in competitions like IPL. Now bookies are ruling over cricket grounds.  Players who are involved  in match fixing  getting huge amount of money as a reward. Several big names of cricket lost their reputation after involvement in match fixing scandals. Cricket biggest match fixing scandal discovered in 2000 when  Former South African captain and national hero Hansie Cronje lost his reputation and career after match fixing allegations. former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja also found guilty of match fixing and banned from playing cricket.  Recently three Pakistani star players including one former captain  released from British jail after spot fixing.  According to former Pakistan captain Waseem Akram most of  players involved in match fixing are coming from poor areas and these players can easily motivated for spot fixing.   

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