Detention without a trail is worst human rights violation but both Israel and US doing this inhuman practice in twenty first century. Detention without trail, Solitary confinement. Inhuman torture techniques like water boarding are still continue in modern world. Guantanamo and Bagram detention center like places have become big test for modern world. Former head of CIA  Jose Rodriguez, openly defends interrogation techniques like water boarding. Now according to media news more than two thousand  philistine prisoners hold mass hunger strike in Israeli Jails over inhuman conditions. Despite large number of prisoners hunger strike world community, so called champions of human rights, UNO and human rights organizations are seeing everything with blind eyes and doing nothing to stop Israeli worst human rights violations. Thousands of Philistine prisoners  including women and under age children are  in Israeli   custody without any legal proceedings. Most of them are prisoners of their conscience  and last several years not allowed to meet their families  and don’t have any medical and legal  facilities.  Despite Egypt broker deal several prisoners still refused to breakup their hunger strike  and most of them refused for food more than two months due to worse conditions of several prisoners some of them transfer to hospitals.


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