According to media news The US Congress proposed sanctions and stopping trade with Pakistan unless Pakistan reopened NATO supply routes. US lawmakers also approved a proposal to stop all reimbursements to the country if Pakistan continued to ignore US demands. US demands came just after Pakistani parliament has decided new course of Pakistan and US relations after killing of twenty four Pakistani soldiers by NATO air attack. Despite massive US pressure Pakistan blocked all NATO supply routes since last four months after an attack on Salahlah check point which killed twenty four Pakistani soldiers. True reality is that after closure of NATO supply line and  tough stance of Pakistan military and civil  government rate of suicide attacks and terrorist  activities drop dramatically in country. Despite massive US pressure  Nato supply is still not moving in country and since long very few drone attacks reported in Pakistan tribal areas which is main cause of suicide revenge attacks in country. Now government is also reviewing all secret agreement regarding  permission of drone attacks which was permitted my former  dictator Mushrraff. Recent change of events and drop in suicide and other terrorist activities also prove that instead of use of military power only change on strategy  can bring peace in country. Due to army operation, continuous drone attacks  and civilian casualties militants group find more sympathy and more recruiters to carry out their mission and country economy suffered badly. Core Commander Peshawar Lt-Gen Khalid Rabbani also accused the US  for worst situation in Pakistan tribal areas and  to make Pakistan a scapegoat for US failures to beat the insurgency in Afghanistan.  Tough stance of present government can bring further improvement if government sincerely review all secret agreements of former Musharrff era  and minimize their role in US led war on terror.


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