Recent upraising and killing of several people in just two days is enough to open eyes of ruling elites in Egypt. Recent protest is worst after fall of former Mubarak regime. Thousands of people gathered at famous Tahrir squarer and now demanding resignation of head of country powerful Military Council and transfer of power through transparent means. Due to recent unchanged situation  sentiments are going high against country powerful military council. True reality is that after  fall of Mubarak twenty nine years rule people  feel that they are still very far from their dreams. Country is still facing worst political and economic crises unemployment is still very high and people are find it hard to provide daily necessity of lives to their families.  Mubarak  trail is still going on and several key member of his regime still enjoying key post in present setup. State media is still under control of military regime and public sentiments are going high.  Only fair and free transfer of power and minimum role of military establishment in new setup can bring change in worst economic and political situation in country.

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